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Freaked Out: The Complete Freaked Out Series

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Ladies and gents, step right up! Buy a ticket to Steiner’s Freak Show and take a trip to another world. Visit the lovely Marie, The Fattest Woman in the World! Lily Dean will charm her snakes on this very stage! You might catch a glimpse of the infamous hypnotist Professor Mesmer! Don’t forget to check out Smudge, the Slideshow of the Sideshow! Make sure to catch the act of Blade, the Sword Swallower! Omega the Contortionist will bend over backward to entertain you! It’s quite a show we have for you folks today — Oh! Did I mention? We’re all freaked out over the paranormal events taking over the sideshow!

Short Fiction:

“Freaked Out Zombies,” Tales From The Zombie Road: The Long Haul Anthology, published by David A. Simpson, 2017, a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors.

“Lifetime Guarantee,” Final Masquerade Anthology, Edited by Stacey Turner, Lycan Valley Press, 2016.

“Hex of the Handbags,” Simple Things Anthology, Edited by Franklin E. Wales, Lycan Valley Press, 2016.

“Katy and the Green Boy,” Dead Harvest Anthology, Edited by Mark Parker, Scarlet Galleon Publications, 2014.

“Beauty Steals Inward,” Slaughterhouse, The Serial Killer Edition Volume I, Sirens Call Publications, Edited by Gloria Bobrowicz, 2013.

“Bill’s Birthday Gift,” 50 Shades of Decay, Edited by Stacey Turner, Angelic Knights Press, 2013.

“Angels Behind Glass,” Cellar Door II, James Ward Kirk, 2013.



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