Coming soon

Due to a death in my family, I’ve been falling behind on my writing goals. This week, I signed a contract for a reprint of Smudge from the Freaked Out series. This will appear in the Dead Light Publishing’s Second-Hand Creeps anthology, due out this summer.

I also had a story published in the A Tree Lighting in Deathlehem anthology by Grinning Skull Press. Really fun story to write. Hope you all grab this anthology.

And, believe it or not, I’m still working on my book about Julia, the bearded lady in the sideshow. Here’s a little taste:

“Yes, George, she has a beard, you silly man, but is she ever sexy!” Marie fanned herself with one hand. The other clutched George’s arm. “Hot as a firecracker. She’s got an ass . . .”

“Marie!” Jason called. She turned around and flashed her sparkling blue eyes at him.

“Yes, darlin’?”

“It’s almost rehearsal time, honey,” he said. “Thank you, George, get back to work now.”

George was off like a shot. He knew when his boss was being serious. Marie made a face at her husband. “What’s wrong with you, Gator Boy? I was just telling George how pretty Julia is.”

“No, you weren’t, you big liar,” Jason said, taking his wife’s arm gently. “You were getting him all heated up, and you were the closest female, and I don’t particularly like that situation.”

Her smile broadened. “Oh, jealous, are you? Well, that’s wonderful. Ought to happen more often.”

I’m looking forward to getting this book out and in your hands, readers! I think you’re going to love it.

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