Twitter gains

Who’d have thunk it? One tweet and I’ve connected with more writers than I have in the last two years on Facebook!

I haven’t been very active on Twitter but I’ve found #WritingCommunity and I’ve connected with all sorts of creative, funny, supportive writers that I now follow. Some of them have been kind enough to follow me back. I’ve made a few friends. I also follow some folks like Joe Lansdale and Stephen King, who I’d never have a chance to interact with otherwise, right?

This last week, a few of the more popular tweeters, ones with more followers, offered to retweet the tweets of those of us who have 1,000 or fewer (or 500 or less, it varied) to help us gain followers. With our names getting out there before all of their followers, it wasn’t long before our numbers were jumping.

I decided to throw my name out there. By the way, I’m @SafranekLori on twitter. I started last week with around 175 followers. I’m not too active, so it’s my own fault I have so few. Today, I have 258 followers! And I’m following more than 300 people, most of them fellow writers.  Other writers increased their following much faster. Networking at its simplest.

So forget about the political arguments on Twitter. Hook up with the #WritingCommunity to talk about writing, stories of success and struggles, have discussions of why we write, and so much more. And make friends. I have found my people!

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